95% of students who have taken Citizen Journalism say they would recommend the course to other students.

Here’s a sample of what they have to say about the course and Chad Skelton’s teaching:

“Unlike anything I have learned at school so far. It’s fun and I can apply what I’ve learned to my outside life.”

“Chad keeps the class entertained. He’s extremely funny and teaches the class in a fun and engaging way.”

“All the assignments were very fun and interesting to do.”

“We learned so much in this class that I would never have known otherwise. Good class for everyone to take.”

“Chad is fantastic at clarifying and presenting material in an understandable manner.”

“Gave me information no other class provides that is very useful in research and everyday circumstances.”

“I liked digging up things about other people. It made me realize how journalists in real life dig up things.”

“I think that all the skills I learned in this class will really help  me in the future.”

“It’s like all of the hints, shortcuts and research methods are newsroom tips from a co-worker.”

“It’s just interesting to know all the stuff you can find out about people.”

“I learned a lot about how to search for documents and information online that I never would’ve been able to find before.”

“This course did a good job of breaking down somewhat complicated and overwhelming subjects and making them easier to understand and grasp.”

“The course is made interesting by Chad’s obvious enthusiasm for the course material. He keeps the class entertaining and interesting.”

Quotes used with permission from anonymous surveys of students in Citizen Journalism. Some quotes have been mildly edited and/or condensed for clarity. Share of students saying they would recommend Citizen Journalism to other students based on anonymous surveys of 142 students who have taken Citizen Journalism in the past. Of those, 135 said they would recommend the course to other students, one would not and six were “unsure”.

[ Photo by briandewitt ]

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