Frequently Asked Questions about Citizen Journalism

If you’ve got a question about Kwantlen’s new Citizen Journalism course (JRNL 1220), please email Chad Skelton at chad.skelton@kwantlen.ca. Answers to some of those questions will appear on this page. In the meantime, here are some answers to questions students might have about the course.

Who will be teaching the Citizen Journalism course?

Award-winning investigative reporter Chad Skelton. For a brief bio of Chad, click here.

Where will Citizen Journalism be taught?

At Kwantlen’s Surrey campus.

Who can take the Citizen Journalism course?

Any student at Kwantlen can enroll in the Citizen Journalism course.

Are any prerequisites required?


I’m thinking of pursing a journalism degree at Kwantlen. Why should I take the Citizen Journalism course?

The Citizen Journalism course is a great way to figure out if journalism is right for you. It will give you a taste of the kinds of things journalists do for a living and help you discover if you enjoy digging up information and writing about it. And, if you discover journalism isn’t for you, you’ll still learn lots of valuable skills (see next question).

I have no interest in getting a journalism degree or becoming a professional journalist. Why should I take the Citizen Journalism course?

Citizen Journalism will teach you crucial research and communication skills that are useful in a wide variety of fields. Whether you hope to someday work for a political party, interest group, police department or marketing firm, the research tricks you learn in Citizen Journalism will come in handy. The course will also teach you how to communicate your ideas concisely and effectively — an important skill in virtually any field.

What specifically will I learn how to do in Citizen Journalism?

Check out the Course Content page for a list of some of the specific writing and researching skills you’ll learn in Citizen Journalism.

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  1. Juliet Davis November 11, 2015 at 11:10 pm #

    Detailed information presented in a concise and practical way. The content was easy to understand and addressed my questions related to the importance of Journalism courses, for college students.

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