Course content

Here are just a few of the specific skills you’ll learn in Citizen Journalism (JRNL 1220):

Blogging. How to setup your own blog site and write clear, concise posts people will want to read.

Search Engine Optimization. How to make sure your website shows up high in Google searches.

Interviewing. How to ask the right questions to get information out of people.

Video. How to gather video footage, edit it on YouTube and then embed it on your blog.

Property Records. How to find out who owns that dodgy property on your block or how much your neighbour’s house is worth.

Court Records. How to find out if someone you know has a criminal record in B.C. or has ever been sued.

Salary Records. How to find out how much money someone makes.

Political Donations. Ever wondered who’s bankrolling your local city councillor or MLA? You’ll learn how to navigate campaign contribution records.

Freedom of Information requests. How to use FOI legislation to get access to internal government documents.

Media Law. How to avoid getting sued for what you write.

Got any other questions about what you’ll learn in Citizen Journalism? Email instructor Chad Skelton at or post a comment below.

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