The Course

What kind of person should take the Citizen Journalism course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University? You should.

Taught by award-winning investigative reporter Chad Skelton, Citizen Journalism (JRNL 1220) will teach students how to apply the tricks and techniques used by professional journalists to find out information important to themselves and their community.

The course is open to all Kwantlen students and has no prerequisites.

Students will learn how to dig up the kind of information governments and businesses want hidden — using everything from court searches to Freedom of Information requests. Students will also learn how to get their message out to the public, using blogging tools, social networking and search-engine optimization.

Citizen Journalism will make you a better voter, a better consumer and a better citizen — allowing you to hold governments and businesses accountable.

Hope to work for an advocacy group or political party when you graduate? Citizen Journalism will teach you how to follow the money trail in politics and make a convincing case for your side of an argument.

Want to be a lawyer or police officer? Citizen Journalism will give you new research tools you wouldn’t have thought of.

Hope to work in business or marketing some day? Citizen Journalism will teach you how to use social media and Search Engine Optimization to get your message out to the public.

It’s also a great course to take for people who are just plain nosy.

Ever wondered what your neighbour’s house is worth? How much money your high-school math teacher makes? Whether that cute guy you met last night has a criminal record?

You’ll learn how to find out all that — and more — in Citizen Journalism (JRNL 1220).

Check out the Course Content page for a detailed list of some of the skills you’ll learn in Citizen Journalism.

Also take a look at the page on instructor Chad Skelton, reviews from Chad’s past students, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the course.

Or get in touch by emailing Chad at or leaving a comment below.

[ Stills of video taken by Paul Pritchard ]

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